The challenge

Provide a digital solution that enables the HIV Brand Team at Janssen to easily visualise and track the implementation of tactical projects, a web-based platform that can be accessed and works well from multiple devices

The main UX reference brought up by the client was the card-based platform Trello. The platform should work well across different devices.Most employees have iPads but mobiles are still BlackBerrys;

The process

By talking to internal users (Janssen's employees) I could  understand what their current frustrations were with the current tool they used and understand how they used it

They were frustrated by the amount of time and effort it took them to visualise and track their projects, with a lot of manual work involved and space for errors.

They wished this process was automated, making it easier and quickerto spot and solve potential bottle necks.  

Exploring different ways to display data, and make this data-rich platform as easy to use and content as 'digestible as possible.

Switching views feature

Because the platform is so data heavy, the challenge was to present relevant data in a clear and clean way.
One of the ways to help that was enabling users to filter content by different views (dashboard, timeline and overview), according to what was more relevant for them to see for each task they needed to perform.

The solution

The use of icons and status colours with the intent to constantly provide the users with visual cues, and helping to make interaction easy, intuitive and  user-friendly

Interactive prototypes

Generating interactive prototypes to share with client and test with users


A platform that is flexible and easy to use and really convenient for people to access across different platforms and devices
Marketers could  quickly identify where targets might be missed due to budget, time or resource;
Better resource management: users could easily identify if the tactical implementation is on track, behind or ahead of schedule so resources can be moved around as necessary