The challenge

Help patients achieve their adherence objectives across a wide-range of disease areas globally by designing a more cost-effective and less time-consuming development platform

We needed to create a patient support platform template that was flexible enough to be easily rolled-out and incorporate bespoke regional requirements, whilst ensuring features and enhancements that can be shared between sites efficiently.

The process

The goal was finding the right amount of flexibility in order to assess client’s needs but, at the same time, make sure that roll-out implementations can be done in a quick and cost-effective manner

The core idea is that by providing the possibility of customising some key elements like: fonts, colours and icons - and without changing the structure of the platform - a whole new bespoke website can be created.

Defining the blueprint structure

The blueprint mapping the modular structure and  areas that could be quickly and easily customised

The solution

A flexible platform that supports bespoke branding and multiple languages to create a suite of sites, sharing much of the same functionality but each with their own look and feel

Mockups illustrating how templates can be quickly and easily adapted for a completely different look and feel.


This has been successfully implemented in Asia allowing regional teams to tailor the platform in line with culture, language, brand, and legal requirements.

Rolled out
across Asia

Implemented in Asia

Increased patient adherence